Laramie Plains Civic Center presents the Phoenix Ballroom. This public facility can accommodate a variety of activities/events such as music concerts and recitals, theater productions, public lectures, meetings, birthday, graduation, and wedding parties, as well as church services.  


225 people - No fixed seating

105 people - Tables and chairs

Approximate Measurements:

1783 sq. ft.

Current Activities:
Current facility users include Divine Solutions and Yoga. The facility has also been used for birthday parties and wedding receptions.

Rental Rates & Availability:

During public hours:

  • Regular rates: $75/hour; $600/day
  • Non-Profit rates : $50/hour; $400/day

After public hours:

  • Regular rates: $90/hour; $720/day
  • Non-Profit rates : $60/hour; $480/day

The public hours are Monday through Friday 8am to 5pm and Saturday 12pm to 4pm.