The Office Co-Work Space

Located in the historic Laramie Plains Civic Center, The Office offers 24/7 access to a safe, secure, and comfortable space. Designed to let you work the way that suits you best, our co-work space offers an open floor plan, vintage steel case desks, a conference table for small groups or spreading out, and comfortable couches. Included is secure internet, tea, and local coffee! 



Whether you're a night owl or early bird, The Office offers the space for you to work at your own pace and on your own  timeframe. Come for a day, week, or month as we offer 24/7 access to fit even the craziest of schedules. 


Work the way you want

Do you focus best at an individual desk? A couch? Or maybe a larger group space where you can spread out and brainstorm? We believe there is no one size fits all and The Office is tailored to meet your needs as an entrepreneur, writer,  artist, small business owner, or group study session. Whatever your project we've got the space for you to focus without the hustle of a coffee shop or distractions of Netflix and pajamas. 

Coffee nook.jpg

work how you want

We all know coffee is the key to any great idea. In addition to secure Wifi, The Office offers complimentary local coffees and teas.  We hope the coffee and ideas keep brewing.




What a Co-Work Space is All About


Over the years the Laramie Plains Civic Center has become a central hub for the Laramie community. We are proud to be the home to a plethora of nonprofits, musicians, artists, theater groups, State offices, tech companies, sports, martial arts, fitness classes and even a doctor! Our building really has a bit of everything and we don't believe in one size fits all. There's not one way to work or play here. That is the idea behind The Office, our new co-work space: You choose when and how you work.  


What You Get

Work on your terms: The Office is located in the 1926 section of the historic Laramie Plains Civic Center. Each guest received a unique login to free and secure wife.  Individual door codes get you into the LPCC and The Office. Located in the 1926 addition of the LPCC on the first floor with the LPCC Administrative Office across the hall should you need assistance.  There is plenty of natural light in addition to retrofitted original corridor lights and a banker’s lamp on every desk. Free and secure WiFi with unique logins for each guest. Free assortment of teas and local coffees are available daily.

Choose how you work best: Individual desks -vintage steel case desks with sleek, comfortable chairs and banker’s lamps. There is a conference table so you can spread out or work in small groups. In addition, a large white board for visualizing and organizing your thoughts. Looking for something a little cozier? Settle into one of two comfortable couches. Dedicated desks available with lockable filing cabinets - freedom to keep your stuff at your desk. Lastly, the LPCC conference room is available for meetings at a discounted price. 

The Office: Price List

                        Day Rate: $10.00

Includes: 24 hours of access, secure wifi, and complimentary teas and local coffee.

                        Weekly Rate: $35.00

Includes: 24/7 access for 7 days in a row, secure wifi, and complimentary teas and local coffee.

Includes: 24/7 access for 1 month (or 30 days), secure wifi, and complimentary teas and local coffee.

                        Monthly Rate: $100.00

                        Designated Desk: $140.00

Includes: 24/7 access for 1 month (or 30 days), secure wifi, complimentary teas and local coffee, a permanent "reserved" desk of choice, and a lockable filing cabinet. *Limited


How to Sign Up

Signing up requires stopping by our administrative office so we can get you a door code, internet access, and show you the space. Our office is located in room 110 of the Laramie Plains Civic Center and we're open from 8:00 am- 4:00 pm.