The Laramie Plains Civic Center is a multi-use building that continues to grow and adapt to the needs of the Laramie community as a space for education, recreation, retail, entertainment, and our local workforce. Currently operating at maximum capacity, the facilities of the LPCC provide an otherwise unmet need of the community members to gather, teach and explore new possibilities for a diverse demographic.

The Laramie Plains Civic Center Foundation was established to assist and support the restoration and refurbishment of the LPCC. It is through private donations that the LPCC Foundation is able to fund necessary projects.

Donor Levels

$1 - $499                Freshman

$500 - $999            Sophomore

$1,000 - $ 2,999     Junior

$3,000 - $9,999      Senior

$10,000 and up      Corporate

Donors who donate more than $100 will have their names on our mural.